December 25 - Zechariah 4-6

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Zechariah 4-6

THINK: If you've ever tried to accomplish God's plans in your own power, you've no doubt discovered the deficiency of your own abilities and the need for complete dependence on the Lord. Throughout God's Word there is ample evidence of the fact that no military might, political power or human strength can accomplish God's work apart from the power of God's Spirit. Even Jesus didn't start His earthly ministry without the power of the Holy Spirit (Luke 4:1,18), and the church was empowered to begin its mission only after Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to fill His followers at Pentecost (Acts 1:8; 2:4). Only as we continue to rely on the Spirit to guide and empower our lives will we accomplish God's plans for us.

RESPOND: What does the bowl of oil symbolize, what do the multiple lights represent, and how are these connected? (See 4:2 note.) What is vital in accomplishing God's purposes (4:6), and why is nothing else adequate? (See 4:6 note.) What difference can the power of God's Spirit make in how a person perceives and handles obstacles and problems? (See 4:7 note.) What must we keep in mind about God's purposes when they seem to start with very little (4:10)? (See 4:10 note.) What message did the flying scroll have for thieves, liars, and all who defy God? (See 5:1-4 note.) Why was it appropriate that the basket with the woman inside-representing all kinds of wickedness-was taken to Babylonia (5:11)? (See 5:5-11 note.) What do the horse-drawn chariots (6:1-5) represent in regard to God's enemies? (See 6:1-5 notes.) What does the crowning of Joshua represent (6:11ff), and how would the One he symbolizes fulfill the roles of both Priest and King? (See 6:13 note, subpoint 1.)

PRAY: Give thanks for the Holy Spirit's presence and power. Pray that you'll rely on that power to influence others to follow Him. Pray that you'll never discount God's ability to do very much when starting with very little.

ACT: Do you have an interest or talent you've never used for God's purposes? The Holy Spirit is ready to equip and empower you to honor God with the gift He's given. No matter how insignificant your ability may seem, yield it to God and let Him use it as He sees fit. Ask a leader or pastor how you can use your ability to serve the church.


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