November 30 - Ezekiel 45-46

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Ezekiel 45-46

THINK: Do you ever think about the future and wonder if you'll have everything you need? When you're young, it's easy to look at what you have-or don't have-at the moment and wonder if you have what it takes to make it. But if you follow Christ faithfully, you don't have to worry. God takes care of those who serve Him and He will provide for your needs in all situations. In addition, He provides opportunities for you to take part in meeting others' needs. This may take the form of giving to the ministries of your church or helping someone in a practical, tangible way. If you take advantage of such opportunities to contribute to God's purposes-while remaining faithful to Christ himself-you have no reason to doubt what the future holds. Regardless of what this life brings, you have the undeniable assurance of an inheritance in Christ's eternal kingdom.

RESPOND: What was the land described in 45:1-8 set apart for? (See 45:1-8 note.) What does this indicate about how God provides for ministry and the part we can play in His provision process? In what way will the leaders of God's people in His future kingdom differ from many leaders in the past (45:8ff)? Why are compassion, integrity and justice such vital character traits for godly leaders (45:9-10)? What principle can all followers of Christ take from 45:16 regarding their participation in ministry? The celebration of what event is called for in 45:21, and what's significant about that event in Israel's history? (See 45:21 note.) What is the Sabbath and its purpose (46:1)? (See 46:1-24 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you do your best in contributing to the ministries of your church. Give God thanks for the faithful leaders who serve you. Pray for God's continuing guidance and blessing in their lives.

ACT: Set aside something extra from your income or allowance and give it to God in a church ministry or missions offering. Also, do something practical to help, encourage, or show appreciation to one of your spiritual leaders.


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