November 22 - Ezekiel 29-30

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Ezekiel 29-30

THINK: In what kinds of things do nations take pride? They may identify themselves in many ways, but among the most significant distinctions are the power they possess and the powers they praise. In other words, nations are often known for military might, natural resources and religious practices. Those are the things in which ancient Egypt took pride-and took credit. They acted as if they created their natural resources (29:3), failing to acknowledge God's provision and power, and crediting an array of false gods for their wealth and might. But God would make His matchless power known by removing Egypt from it's place as a predominant world power. All nations that arrogantly disregard God will one day face the same fate.

RESPOND: For what primary sins would God punish Egypt? (See 29:1-32:32 note.) In what way was ancient Egypt and its attitudes like many nations today? What would ultimately happen to Egypt after God punished it (29:13-15)? In what way would ancient Egypt be a reminder for God's people (29:16)? Who would conquer Egypt (29:19)? (See 29:8 note.) What does "the day of the Lord" (30:3) symbolize in regard to future judgment? (See 30:3 note.) Among other things, what would God destroy in Egypt that its people once looked to as a source of security for them (30:13)? What would be clear to the Egyptians and other nations when these judgments were fulfilled (30:19,26)?

PRAY: Ask God to keep you dependant on Him and grateful for His power and provision. Pray that you never take credit for what He provides or how He chooses to work through you.

ACT: Are you taking pride in or credit for anything that comes from or belongs only to God? This includes any abilities, opportunities or provisions God has given you. Openly give honor to God for these things, and be sure to use them for His purposes and His glory.


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