October 30 - Jeremiah 32-33

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Jeremiah 32-33

THINK: Have you sensed God calling you to commit to something, start something or get involved in something, but you've hesitated to act because you questioned whether it would be worth it or if it would make a significant difference? When God asks you to do something, He doesn't always provide complete details up front, nor does He answer every question, remove every obstacle or guarantee success on your terms. That would diminish your opportunity to exercise faith in God, that He could do something beyond your own capabilities. You may not see the significance of what God asks of you right away, but if you follow His lead, commit to His plans, and determine to honor Him, you can trust God to do something beyond your expectations.

RESPOND: What was happening to Jerusalem in chapter 32? (See 32:2 first note.) Where was Jeremiah at this time, and why? (See 32:2 second note.) Why did he buy a plot of land that was about to come under enemy control, and what did this illustrate? (See 32:6-15 note.) In what way does 32:27 encourage you? Despite the destruction Judah was facing, what hope did God provide at the end of chapter 32? (See 32:37-44 note.)? How did Jeremiah's message of peace differ from the false prophets' message of peace? (See 33:6 note.) What's the gracious promise God made to Israel and Judah (33:14), which He would fulfill through a "righteous Branch" (33:15) from David's family line? (See 33:15 note.) When will the promise of 33:16 be completely fulfilled? (See 33:15 note.) How would God fulfill His promise to David, that someone from his family line would rule Israel forever? (See 33:17 note.) Who are the Levites (33:18), and in what way would they always have someone serving in their priestly role? (See 33:18 note.) In what way are all followers of Jesus like priests in their privileges and responsibilities? (See 33:22 note.)

PRAY: Give thanks for the peace you have through a personal relationship with Christ. Thank Jesus for being your ultimate King and Priest, always interceding with the Father for you. Thank Him for your direct access to Him.

ACT: Live in a way that reflects God's peace, particularly in regard to your interaction with others and your response in difficult situations. Talk to someone about the peace you've found through a relationship with Jesus.


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