October 26 - Jeremiah 23-25

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Jeremiah 23-25

THINK: Do you ever feel as if you're all alone when it comes to living for God at school, at work, or even at home? Perhaps you've been faithful to share God's love and message with others, only to face ridicule and rejection. Do you ever wonder if taking a stand is worth it? God understands how you feel-and you're not alone. In fact, you and God together are a majority. As you keep relying on Him for strength, keep standing for what's right and keep conveying His message, God will work through you in ways that are undeniable to those around you.

RESPOND: What message did Jeremiah deliver to Judah's spiritual leaders? (See 23:1 note.) Who is the "righteous Branch" God would raise up from King David's family tree (23:5), and what would He do? (See 23:5-6 note.) What would this person be called (23:6), and what's the significance of that title? (See 23:5-6 note, subpoints 3-4.) How were most of the prophets and priests using their power and influence (23:10-11), and what was God's message to them? (See 23:9-40 and 23:14 notes.) Why did God warn the people not to listen to the prophets (23:16- 17)? (See 23:17 note.) How is their example a warning to all who claim to speak God's message? (See 23:31-32 note.) Why were those who had been taken to Babylon still considered "good fruit," and what would God do with them in captivity? (See 24:1 note.) What was significant about Nebuchadnezzar's reign? (See 25:1 note.) By the time Nebuchadnezzar came to power, how long had Jeremiah been preaching (25:3), and how had the people responded? (See 25:3 note.) What's significant about the seventy years (25:11), and what would happen at that time, to God's people and to Babylon (25:11-14)? (See 25:12 note.)

PRAY: Thank Jesus for being your righteousness. Pray for wisdom and discernment to recognize true messages from God that agree with His Word. Pray the same for your spiritual leaders. Pray for faith and endurance so you don't give up, even when you don't see outward results of your service to God.

ACT: Do something practical to help or encourage one or more of your spiritual leaders. If you've been tempted to give up something you know God wants you to keep doing, trust Him for the strength to press on.


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