October 14 - Isaiah 61-63

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Isaiah 61-63

THINK: How was Jesus able to accomplish so much and influence so many people during His time on earth? How could He have such an impact beyond His earthly lifetime and change the course of history like no other? Yes, He's the Son of God, but He laid aside His heavenly glory and lived as a man on a mission. To accomplish that mission, He followed His Father's plan entirely and relied on the Holy Spirit completely. By following Jesus' example and depending on the Spirit for guidance and power, you too can have an eternal impact on the world as you boldly talk about Jesus, do spiritual battle through prayer and put God's Word into practice. As you share Christ's hope, help and healing with those you encounter, Jesus will continue His life-transforming mission through you.

RESPOND: To whom does 61:1-3 ultimately apply (who quoted from this passage in the New Testament)? (See 61:1-3 note.)? What four-fold ministry do these verses describe, and how did these purposes characterize Jesus' life? (See 61:3 note.) Who provided the power to fulfill these purposes (61:1)? When will Israel "rebuild the ancient ruins" (61:4), and in what way will God's people serve as priests and ministers (61:6) at that time? (See 61:4-9 note.) What does it mean to be clothed with "garments of salvation" and "a robe of righteousness" (61:10)? (See 61:10-11 note.) According to 62:5, how will God rejoice over His people? Who are the "watchmen" (62:6), and how does their role relate to Jesus' followers today? (See 62:6 note.) When is the coming of the Savior in 62:11, and what will He do at that time? (See 62:11 note.) What does 63:1-6 depict, and what's the significance of crimson stained garments? (See 63:1-6 note.) Who will wage and win the war against the ungodly of all nations? (See 63:3 note.) How do people grieve the Holy Spirit (63:10), and what is implied by the fact that He can be grieved? (See 63:10 note.)

PRAY: Give Jesus thanks for coming to earth to bring the Good News of forgiveness, freedom, comfort, joy and eternal life. Thank the Holy Spirit for empowering Jesus as He lived on earth. Praise Jesus for the opportunity to identify with Him. Intercede for people you know who don't have a personal relationship with Christ.

ACT: Rid your life or lifestyle of anything that might grieve the Holy Spirit. Pray in person for someone who needs some sort of healing or provision, or who needs to break free from a life-hindering issue, situation or habit.


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