October 13 - Isaiah 59-60

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Isaiah 59-60

THINK: Do you think God could use you to spark a spiritual revival in your church, your school, your workplace or your community? What kind of person does God use for such a purpose? It's not someone as perfect as you might think. God looks for those who openly admit their shortcomings-that they've been part of the problem-and are willing to take responsibility for the spiritual climate around them. They are deeply grieved over ungodliness, but they're willing to start by letting God change their lives so He can use them to change their culture.

RESPOND: According to 59:2, what separates people from God, and why? (See 59:2 note.) In chapter 59, what's the connection between the people's thoughts and actions (vv. 4,6-7)? According to 59:8, what do wicked people not know? What attitudes and confessions characterize the people in 59:9-14, and how can God use people who show such a change of heart? (See 59:9-14 note.) Since no one was ready, willing or able to intervene on behalf of sinful people, what did God do? (See 59:16 note.) Why does God still look for people to intercede for others? How do God's salvation and judgment work together (59:16-20)? Who is the "Redeemer" (59:20), and what will He do? What covenant promise (59:21) does the Lord give those who receive Christ, and how does this affect their influence for God? (See 59:21 note.) What's the coming "light" described in 60:1-3, when would this happen, and how is it still being fulfilled? (See 60:1-3 note.) What times and events are prophesied in 60:4-22? (See 60:4-9 and 60:10 notes.) Where and when will the sun's light no longer be necessary (60:19), and why? (See 60:19 note.)

PRAY: Pray for spiritual refreshment and renewal in your group, church, school and community. Ask God to spark a passion in you that will reflect His love and inspire others to trust Christ. Pray specifically for people you know who don't know Jesus. Give thanks for the eternal home you'll share with all those who love the Lord.

ACT: Continue trusting God for opportunities to introduce others to Christ or to help them come closer to trusting Him as you relate what He's done for you and how He can give them help, hope and purpose. Consider joining with Christian friends to start a prayer ministry, Bible study or service group in your school, workplace or community.


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