October 11 - Isaiah 54-56

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Isaiah 54-56

THINK: Has anyone ever made you a promise they haven't kept? Have you ever depended on someone who let you down? Have you ever had something fall apart just after the warranty expired? Too often people and products make promises, claims, and commitments that don't hold up. And because of disappointing experiences with people and things, we often have a hard time trusting anyone completely-even God. But God isn't like people. He is completely capable and eternally faithful. He says what He means, and does what He says. He always carries through with His claims and commitments. And while at times it will be tough to trust, if you hold on to the promises in God's Word, He will outperform your expectations-guaranteed.

RESPOND: Who is Isaiah trying to encourage in chapter 54? (See 54:1-3 note.) What promises does God make to the Babylonian exiles? (See 54:1-3 note.) Why were God's people not to be afraid? (See 54:4-8 note.) To what future time and events does 54:9-10 point? (See 54:9-10 note.) In what way does the New Testament use imagery similar to 54:11-17, and what future place will ultimately fit such a description? (See 54:11-17 note.) How does 54:17 encourage you personally? What kind of thirst does 55:1 refer to, and what does this have to do with a person's relationship with God? (See 55:1 note.) How can listening to God allow your soul to live (55:3)? What does it mean to "seek the LORD while he may be found"? (See 55:6 note.) What does God promise to those who turn to Him, regardless of their past (55:6)? According to 55:8-9 how do God's thoughts and ways compare to ours? (See 55:8 note.) How, then, can we ever relate to God? (See 55:8 note.) How can you get to know God better? What does it mean that God's Word will not return to Him empty (55:11)? (See 55:11 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for His mercy and salvation. Pray for a greater thirst for His presence and a greater hunger for His Word. Pray that you'll learn to listen and discern His voice more effectively.

ACT: Show mercy to others as God has shown to you. Forgive from your heart those who have offended you. Show kindness to those who have mistreated you. Reach out to those who are hurting. Look for opportunities to talk to people who don't know Jesus but have questions, curiosities and an open mind regarding faith in Jesus.


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