September 20 - Isaiah 6-8

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Isaiah 6-8

THINK: Do you ever feel unworthy to worship or serve God? If so, you're not only right, you're not alone. Even the great prophets were aware of their own inadequacy in relation to the awesome presence and power of God. But when they humbled themselves and yielded completely to God's control, they were able to speak with His authority, serve in His supernatural power, and fulfill His highest purposes. If you're willing to submit to God's purifying work in your life, He will send you on an adventure to deliver His Good News of forgiveness and new life through Christ.

RESPOND: How did Isaiah's vision of the Lord affect him personally? (See 6:1 first and second notes.) What did the vision reveal about God and His character? (See 6:1 second note and 6:3 note.) Why did Isaiah feel unworthy, and what changed his perspective? (See 6:5 note.) Why do you think Isaiah was willing to deliver God's message? (See 6:8 note.) Why did God want Isaiah to deliver His message, even though God knew that most people would reject it? (See 6:9 note.) In what ways did King Ahaz show a lack of faith in God when Israel and Aram prepared to attack (ch. 7)? (See 7:1-25 note and 7:12 note.) What would soon happen to Judah's sister nation, Israel (Ephraim)? (See 7:8 note.) According to 7:9, what will happen if we don't stand firm in faith? How would Ahaz's misguided trust in another nation come back to trouble the nation of Judah? (See 7:12 note.) In what way did the prophecy in 7:14 have both immediate and future implications, and who ultimately fulfilled this prophecy? (See 7:14 note.) In the middle of Isaiah's prophecy of destruction, what hope did God provide? (See 8:8 note.) Why and how was Isaiah's perspective supposed to be different from those who rejected God's message (8:11-15)? (See 8:12 and 8:13 notes.) Who did God trust to help preserve and promote His Word? (See 8:16 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for His spiritual cleansing in your life. Ask Him to help you live with purity that allows you to represent Him, spread His message and serve His purposes with sincerity and integrity.

ACT: Are you trusting anyone or anything above God for help, security or satisfaction? If so, readjust your priorities. Take God at His Word that He will take care of you and provide for your needs. Entrust all issues and situations in your life to God, and patiently wait for Him to work things out according to His plans.


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