September 8 - Proverbs 24-26

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Proverbs 24-26

THINK: What do you do when you fall or get knocked down? How do you respond to mistakes, failures, setbacks and slip-ups? Do you give up? Do you give in to frustration and quit trying? When difficult times, failures and setbacks occur in the lives of people who are truly depending on God, they don't stay down and wallow in worrisome wonder or self-pity. They get back up (24:16) and continue to press on with even greater determination, relying on God's grace, guidance and strength. God doesn't guarantee a trouble-free life, but He does promise to help and provide for you in all situations. And no matter what happens along the way, God will never fail to accomplish His purposes through those who keep getting up and continue persevering in faith.

RESPOND: According to 24:1, what kind of people should we not hang around or want to be like? What situations prove a person's true strength of character (24:10)? (See 24:10 note.) When we see gross injustice-particularly when people's lives are at stake-what must we do and why (24:12)? According to 24:16, what does a godly person do when he or she fails, and why is he or she able to do this? (See 24:16 note.) Why shouldn't godly people worry about what evil people have or do (24:19-20)? Why does God "conceal" certain things? (See 25:1 note.) How can self-promotion bring humiliation and how can humility bring honor (25:6-7)? What does it mean that "a word aptly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver" (25:11)? Why should you feed your enemy, and how does this principle apply in other ways? (See 25:21-22 note.) How can a lack of self-control lead to trouble and ruin (25:28)? Why is it unwise to argue with a fool (26:4)? What gross analogy does 26:11 use to describe people who persist in doing foolish and destructive things? (See 26:11 note.) What does it mean to be wise in your own eyes (26:12), and why is that a hopeless attitude? (See 26:12 note.) Why is it unwise to get involved in other people's arguments (26:17)?

PRAY: Pray about any situation you're aware of in your school, workplace, community or the world in which people are experiencing extreme injustice. Pray for diligence to get up after a failure and keep going with God's help.

ACT: Do you hang around people of questionable character who have more negative influence on you than you have positive influence on them? If so, seek relationships that are more conducive to spiritual growth and influence.


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