August 30 - Proverbs 5-7

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Proverbs 5-7

THINK: God wants you to be wise, which means that Satan wants to rob you of wisdom. God says that true wisdom follows a path of life, so the enemy of your soul tries to lure people down a path toward death? One way he does this is by enticing them to think with their bodies, emotions and hormones, rather than submitting their minds and spirits to God's guidance. That makes sexual temptation one of Satan's prime tactics. Proverbs repeatedly warns of the destructiveness of sexual sin. Though the pleasures of immorality are attractive, they are also deceptive. While those who follow God's guidelines for sex will find satisfaction and fulfilment, those who give in to sexual immorality will experience guilt, frustration, dissatisfaction and regret.

RESPOND: How can things that seem so attractive and good turn out to be so deceiving and destructive (5:3-6)? In what ways does Proverbs warn against sexual immorality, and what kinds of behaviors does this include? (See 5:3 note.) Why is sexual misconduct so destructive, and how can you steer clear of immorality and "keep to a path far from" it (5:8)? (See 5:3 note.) Why and in what ways does following God's guidelines for sex lead to satisfaction and fulfilment, and how does giving in to sexual immorality lead to ruin and regret? (See 5:14 note.) How can it help to keep in mind that "a man's ways are in full view of the LORD"? (See 5:21 note.) In what ways can people get trapped by what they say (6:2), and what should you do if this happens (6:3-5)? What behaviors characterize lazy people? (See 6:6 note.) According to 6:16-19, what seven things does the Lord hate, and why? How can each of these behaviors harm individuals and hinder God's purposes? In what way does giving in to sexual sin reduce a person to a loaf of bread (6:26)? Why is adultery such a serious offense, and what are its lingering consequences? (See 6:32-33 note.) What practical steps can you take to avoid and overcome sexual immorality? (See 7:1-27 note.)

PRAY: Pray for wisdom and strength to avoid and resist sexual temptation and any form of immoral behavior.

ACT: Make every effort to steer clear of activities and situations that could entice you to think or behave in a sexually inappropriate or immoral way. Get rid of anything you have that could make this difficult.


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