August 18 - Psalms 113-116

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 113-116

THINK: How could so many people mentioned in the Bible worship idols and images-that they've made themselves- as if they were "gods"? While that may seem ridiculous to followers of the true God, people in modern cultures today still do the same thing. The images may not be wood or stone replicas of various creatures. Yet people set up their own gods all the time in the things they prioritize, rely on and center their lives around. Even Christians sometimes allow other things, including relationships, to take priority over their time with and service to God. But those who rely on God rather than things they can see or touch will always receive His help and protection.

RESPOND: During what special occasion do Jews use Psalms 113–118 and what do they call these psalms? (See 113–118 note.)? What kind of picture does Psalm 113 give of God and what aspects of His character does it highlight? (See 113:1-9 note.) In what ways does Psalm 114 describe nature's response to God? According to 115:1, who should always receive glory and why? (See 115:1 note.) How can Christ's followers help keep people from wondering, "Where is their God?" (115:2)? (See 115:1 note.) How does God and His power compare to false "gods" (115:3-7)? What will those who make false gods be like (115:8)? According to 115:13, who does God bless? To whom has the Lord given the earth (115:16)? Why does the writer of Psalm 116 praise the Lord, and what example does this set for other believers? (See 116:1-19 note.) What will people do if they're truly grateful to God for salvation (116:12-14)? (See 116:12 note.) How does God view the death of His saints and why? (See 116:15 note.) What assurance do God's people have through death?

PRAY: Give thanks for God's mighty power over all creation, and pray that God's presence, power and love be evident in your life, guiding others to Christ. Ask God to help you be responsible in how you care for the earth.

ACT: Take good care of your earthly environment. Don't litter. Pick up trash. Recycle. Use water and energy responsibly. Set an example for others. Encourage anyone you know who has recently suffered the loss of a loved one.


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