August 4 - Psalms 70-72

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 70-72

THINK: What legacy do you want to leave behind? What mark do you hope to make on the world? What impact do you intend to have on those around you now-and those who may know about you in the future? Is your desire to be so close to God and so guided by His Spirit that His power and goodness are clearly evident in your life? It was the psalmist's desperate desire not to leave this life until he had done all he could to influence others for God. He wanted his life to be such a powerful witness for God that it would impact people for generations to come.

RESPOND: Why should those who love God always praise Him (70:4)? In what way does the writer of Psalm 70 express humility (70:5)? What does it mean to consider God your rock, refuge and fortress (71:1-3)? How can your mouth be filled with praise all day long (71:8)? How can recalling God's faithfulness from the past provide inspiration for the present and future? (See 71:9 note.) In what ways can you express hope in God, and how should that show in your conversations (71:14-18)? What was this psalm writer's ultimate purpose in life, and how did he hope to influence people beyond his lifetime? (See 71:18 note.) How is this an example and inspiration to you personally? Why do you think the writer had such a distinct view of God's faithfulness (71:22) and such an overwhelming sense of joy (71:23)? What does King Solomon request from God in Psalm 72, and why? (See 72:1-19 note.) Why is it important for leaders to have wisdom and to promote justice? In what way is Psalm 72 prophetic, relating to a future time and event? (See 72:1-19 note.) How are all nations blessed because of the Lord (72:17)?

PRAY: Ask God to help you live in a way that leaves a legacy of love, hope and faith that inspires other to trust God.

ACT: Stay aware of the example and influence you're having-or could have-on those around you. Make sure that your attitudes, words and actions accurately reflect Jesus' character and present a clear picture of what Jesus is like. Ask Jesus for the opportunity to have a conversation about spiritual things with at least one person today who doesn't know Him personally.


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