August 1 - Psalms 60-63

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 60-63

THINK: What happens when you suffer a spiritual defeat with real-life consequences, and you know it was a direct result of your own wrongdoing? Are you overwhelmed with guilt, doubt or discouragement? Do you feel distant from God and unworthy of approaching Him for help? While those feeling are natural, they're not beneficial-and they're not from God. In situations like that, your greatest need-and God's greatest desire-is that you turn to Him for forgiveness and restoration. He will never turn you away, but will accept you and prepare you for victory ahead.

RESPOND: How does Psalm 60 reveal David's complete trust in God? Why had God's people suffered defeat in this situation, and what did they need to do to be restored? (See 60:1-12 note.) How does this serve as a warning, a challenge and an inspiration to you? What gave David hope and comfort in Psalm 61, and what were his desires? What was David's ultimate source of refuge and rescue in times of trouble (62:1-2,5-6)? (See 62:1 note.) On whom did David stake his honor (62:7)? According to 62:11-12, what two character traits did David recognize about God and what confidence did he have in God's judgment? In Psalm 63, how did David describe his longing to know God better, and how do you think he developed such an intense desire to know God? According to 63:3, how much did David value God's love? When was God on David's mind, and how can you keep God on your mind to that degree? (See 63:6 note.) What will an ongoing awareness of God's presence do for your attitude and your life?

PRAY: Express your trust in God through any difficult situations in your life. Thank Him for providing hope and salvation, and praise Him for the fact that His judgment is always right. Pray for a more intense desire for God's presence and power in your life.

ACT: Is your reputation based on something that isn't worthy or honorable by God's standards? If so, begin taking practical steps to change how you behave, how you talk, who you associate with and what you spend your time doing. While you can't control other people's perceptions, you can enact changes that will make it easier for others to recognize Jesus in your life.


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