July 28 - Psalms 45-48

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 45-48

THINK: How often do you feel spiritually dry, empty or unproductive? Even the most faithful followers of Christ sometimes feel this way-but it shouldn't be the norm. God intends to be active in His people's lives and He's given us the opportunity to find encouragement, strength and refreshment through time in His Word, prayer and sincere worship. You won't always "feel" God, but if you sincerely persist in pursuing a deeper relationship with God, you'll gradually gain strength, wisdom and purpose. At times, this requires letting go of anxieties and pulling away from distractions-things that keep you from honoring God and giving Him proper place in your life. Regardless of what's going on around you, be at peace in the fact that God has everything under control.

RESPOND: What godly principles does this song encourage a person to demonstrate and defend (45:4)? What does it mean to "love righteousness and hate wickedness" (45:7), and why does that bring honor? In what way is 45:6-7 prophetic, and to whom do these verses ultimately refer? (See 45:6-7 note.) How did Jesus demonstrate His love of righteousness and His hate for wickedness, and how was He honored for this? (See 45:6-7 note, subpoints 2 & 3.) Why do God's people not have to fear, even if destruction comes on the earth (46:1-2)? Why is it important to express trust and confidence in God during times of instability and insecurity? (See 46:1-2 note.) What is the "river whose streams make glad the city of God" (46:4), and what does it do? (See 46:4 note.) What does the Lord mean when He says, "Be still, and know that I am God" (46:10), and how does this bring relief and peace? (See 46:10 note.) What is "the city of our God" (48:1) and "of the Great King" (48:2), and in what way will it be "secure forever" (48:8)? (See 48:1 note.) For how long can God's faithful people be confident of His guidance? (See 48:14 note.)

PRAY: Give thanks that you have nothing to fear with God looking out for you. Thank the Lord for the peace and comfort of His presence, and for the fact that He will faithfully guide you from here into eternity with Him.

ACT: Take time today as often as possible to come away from distractions and quiet your spirit with God. Listen for what He wants to say to you. Then take a few moments to praise God for His power and authority over all things.


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