July 17 - Psalms 11-16

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Psalms 11-16

THINK: What does it mean to have integrity? It involves several things, including character, honesty, honor and reliability-things God considers high priorities in our relationship with Him and with others. Christians should be people of integrity who keep their promises and commitments-no matter how inconvenient that might be at times. God is a person of His word, and He expects His followers to be people of their word. Few things give Christianity a bad reputation faster than those who claim to follow Christ but cut corners, tell lies and break commitments. So follow through on your promises, even when that turns out to be more difficult than expected.

RESPOND: In what situations are you sometimes tempted to run, back down or compromise your faith and principles? (See 11:1-7 note.) How can you gain strength to stay faithful to God during such times? What should you do when you're troubled and disheartened by the immoral behavior that's rampant in society, or when you feel alone in standing for God? (See 12:1-8 note.) What should you do and what should you keep in mind when feeling discouraged, depressed or isolated from God (13:5-6)? (See 13:1 note.) Why can you still rejoice during such times? (See 13:5 note.) According to Psalm 14, who is a fool and why? (See 14:1-7 note.) What does Psalm 14 indicate about the human condition apart from God? (See 14:1-7 note, subpoint 3.) According to Psalm 15, who experiences a deep relationship with God and a strong sense of His presence? (See 15:1 note.) When can it be tough-or even hurt-to keep your word and commitments (15:4), and why is it important to be true to your word? (See 15:4 note.) What benefits and assurances can you have by keeping constantly aware of God's presence? (See 16:8 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you stay true to His Word, regardless of pressures to compromise your faith. Ask Him to help you be true to your word and commitments-to Him and to others. Pray for patience and compassion toward those who don't know God and for opportunities to influence them for Christ.

ACT: If you've made a promise or commitment-no matter how small-that you've not yet fulfilled, then follow through on it today. If you've failed to keep a promise recently, apologize to anyone else involved and do what you can to make things right.


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