July 3 - Job 3-5

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Job 3-5

THINK: Did you ever wish you were never born? It's not uncommon for that thought to cross people's minds when they hit rock bottom, they're suffering intensely, or the situation seems hopeless. At times like these, it may seem like God is absent. But He's not. His work and purpose may not be evident in these moments, and He may seem strangely silent, but He's still there-ready to listen to your frustrations, hurts and questions. God can handle them. He may not answer or reveal the reasons immediately, yet He can provide a sense of peace and a stronger faith if you continue to entrust your life to Him. While you may tend to give up on yourself when unexplained pain or tragedy strikes, don't let go of your faith or give up on God. He will ultimately bring you through.

RESPOND: How did Job feel about his life and about death at this point, and what was the focus of his grief? (See 3:1 and 3:13 notes.) Was it wrong for Job to express these emotions to God? Why or why not? (See 3:1 note, subpoint 2.) How would you describe the comments of Job's friends? Were these comments true and accurate? Why or why not? (See 4:1 note.) Why are the responses of Job's friends recorded in the Bible? (See 4:1 note, subpoint 1.) What was the main fault in the friends' views, particularly concerning suffering? (See 4:1 note, subpoint 3.) Which of Eliphaz's observations seem right and which ones seem wrong? In what way was Eliphaz's view of God's justice inaccurate? (See 4:7 note.) How do you think Job felt as he listened to his friend? How can we tell that Eliphaz's dreams were not from God? (See 4:13 note.) Why did Eliphaz assume God was correcting or punishing Job? According to Eliphaz's reasoning, what happens to people who respond correctly to God's correction, and how does the Bible show the error in his thinking? (See 5:17-27 note.)

PRAY: Express to God any frustrations and difficult emotions you're experiencing. Do this honestly, but with a sense of reverence and dependence on God. Give God thanks for the fact that He cares about your struggles and that He can build your faith and bring you closer to Him through these things.

ACT: Call or send a message to someone who is going through a tough time. If he or she wants to talk, listen without looking to offer advice. Simply encourage the person that you're thinking about them and praying for them.


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