June 14 - 2 Chronicles 23-25

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 2 Chronicles 23-25

THINK: Could you make it on your own? Perhaps you're not sure. Or perhaps you feel you're already doing it. Maybe you prefer it that way. Then again, maybe you'd be afraid to even try. Take heart, God doesn't want or expect you to serve Him solo. He made us to function best as we connect and relate to other people. And yet, you cannot rely on anyone else's faith and relationship with God to sustain you spiritually. While God may use other people to inspire, encourage, educate and equip you to better serve God, eventually you must move on and mature to the point of standing on your own spiritual feet and helping others grow in their relationship with God. Don't let fear, insecurity, a desire for acceptance or convenience hold you back-or drive you to depend on wrong relationships to meet your needs and accomplish your purposes. Keep relying on God. You're never on your own with Him.

RESPOND: Why do you think Jehoida gave Joash a copy of God's covenant? How did Jehoida mentor Joash, and what was the result (24:2ff)? What big project did Joash instigate (24:4ff)? What was the people's attitude in contributing to the temple fund (24:10)? What was the purpose of the continual burnt offerings? (See 24:14 note.) How was Jehoida treated when he died, and why (24:16)? Why do you think Joash rebelled against God after Jehoida's death? What did it mean that "the Spirit of God came upon Zechariah," and what do his words and actions reveal about the Holy Spirit's function? (See 24:20 note.) What happened to Zechariah, and what did God say about him? (See 24:21 note.) How did Joash totally disregard the care and kindness Jehoida had shown him (24:21-22)? Why was Joash's life such a tragedy (24:22-25)? Why wasn't Amaziah to join Israel in battle, and how does this caution us regarding the relationships we depend on (25:7-8)? Why do you think Amaziah ended up worshiping the false gods of the people he defeated (25:15)? What happened to Amaziah and the kingdom as a result (25:16ff)?

PRAY: Ask God to help you stay true to His Word. Give thanks for the significant leaders and mentors in your life at home, church, school or elsewhere. Ask God to keep you humble so you'll always receive His correction well.

ACT: Carry your Bible throughout the day and read it whenever you have free time. Find a godly leader whom you can call or meet with briefly each week or two for spiritual mentoring and accountability. Sincerely commit to learning from this person. Do something to bless or help the family of a leader who plays a significant role in your life.


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