June 7 - 1 Chronicles 26-29

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 1 Chronicles 26-29

THINK: Where did you get what you've got? From parents? Birthdays and Christmas? Your own hard work? Actually, every good thing you have comes from God-including the resources to get more of what you want and need. So what's the best thing you could do with all of it? Well, consider what God could do with it. It's not that God needs your money or your stuff-but what an opportunity God gives you to take part in something far beyond yourself. Many people who don't even know God are looking for such a purpose, and Christ's followers have constant access to an eternal one. Just as the ancient Israelites had the privilege to contribute to something that would honor God and encourage worship to Him, so you also have the privilege of giving to ministries that deliver God's message and promote His purposes in your community and around the world. And that is certainly a reason to rejoice.

RESPOND: Do you think it's important for ministries to be organized into specialized areas and responsibilities? Why or why not? Why is it important for governments to be organized with leaders over specialized areas? What conditions would Solomon have to follow for his kingdom to endure (28:7)? (See 28:8 note.) What conditions did the people need to live by in order to pass their land on to their descendants (28:8)? What does it mean to "acknowledge" God? (See 28:9 note.) What do you think it means to serve the Lord "with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind" (28:9)? How should the fact that "the LORD searches every heart and understands every motive behind the thoughts" (28:9) affect the way you think and behave? What do you think it means that if you seek the Lord, "he will be found by you" (28:9)? Why is it important to know that God is with you through a task (28:20-21)? Why is it important to rely on others' skills and help? What attitudes should a person have in contributing to God's work? (See 29:5 note.) What can happen in a church when people give "freely and wholeheartedly to the LORD" (29:9)? How did David respond to the people's generosity, and to whom did he attribute their success (29:10-14)? Why should we always be thankful for the opportunity to give and contribute to God's purposes (29:14,16)?

PRAY: Pray again for the various ministries and leaders in your church. Pray for your community and national government leaders. Ask God to search your heart and expose any wrong motives so you can turn from them and do the right things for the right reasons. Give thanks for the ability and opportunity to contribute to God's work.

ACT: Send a letter or email to a government leader, letting him or her know you're praying for God's guidance, protection and blessing in their life. Call or send a message of thanks to someone who helped you with a specific task. Don't forget to fulfill the commitment you may have made a couple days ago to give something extra to missions.


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