June 3 - 1 Chronicles 14-16

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 1 Chronicles 14-16

THINK: Do you have an attitude? Does it show? That's okay if the attitude is uplifting. Few things are more uplifting than an attitude of gratitude. A thankful person is a positive person-the kind others like to be around because it makes them feel better about themselves, about their circumstances, and about life in general. You know who else likes to be around thankful people? God does. For followers of Christ, gratitude honors God and brings positive attention to His goodness, care and provision. Thankfulness and praise go hand in hand. Even though God is always present, He is especially near to those who praise Him with thankful hearts, receiving and enjoying the praise. God is ready to work powerfully in the lives of His thankful people, knowing that they'll be quick to honor Him.

RESPOND: What reason did David acknowledge for his kingdom's success, and what does this indicate about David? (See 14:2 note.) How do you know that David relied on God to defeat his enemies? (See 14:14 note.) Why is it crucial to seek God's guidance? What was "the ark of God," what did it represent, and why did David want it in Jerusalem? (See 15:1 note.) What did David mean when he told the Levites to "consecrate yourselves"? (See 15:12 note.) Why is it crucial to respond properly to God's presence? What does the musicians' role in bringing the ark to Jerusalem (15:16-22) indicate about the connection between praise and God's presence? What can you learn from David's celebration as he brought the ark to Jerusalem (15:29)? How can giving thanks to God influence people for Him (cf. 16:8)? What specific things does David thank God for (16:7ff)? What attributes of God does David emphasize in his song? What does the song encourage people to do? According to 16:10, who should rejoice? (See 16:10 note.) What does it mean to "seek the LORD" (16:10), and how does this inspire joy? What does it mean to "worship the LORD in the splendor of his holiness," and why is holiness vital in true worship? (See 16:29 note.)

PRAY: Give God thanks for any accomplishments or successes you've enjoyed recently. Pray for guidance regarding decisions you need to make. Give thanks for God's guidance, as well as His love, goodness and other attributes.

ACT: Start a list of specific things you're thankful for. If you want, categorize the list according to things like God's attributes, people, provisions, answers to prayer, etc. Take the list wherever you go and keep adding to it throughout the day. Don't hesitate to do this when others are around. If they ask you what you're doing, tell them the truth. Most people will think it's pretty cool, because it's hard to have a bad attitude about gratitude. This may even open up an opportunity to talk to someone about Jesus. Use the list as a prayer guide before bed tonight.


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