May 31 - 1 Chronicles 7-8

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 1 Chronicles 7-8

THINK: Okay, let's be honest. Passages like this can certainly seem mundane. You may even catch yourself thinking, "What's the point?". So why does God purposely include information like this in His Word? While there are a number of reasons-many pertaining to the people who originally read or heard these writings-these lengthy descriptions of family histories, property rights and population also speak to us about God's character and concern for you. As much as He regards the big picture of your life-knowing where you are, where you're going and where He intends to take you-He is aware of the details too. Things that may seem irrelevant to most people are not beyond His concern. He knows and understands everything about your circumstances and how they relate to His plans for your life. So don't hesitate to talk to Him about the little stuff, because everything about your life matters to God. If you'll trust and honor Him day to day, He will get you exactly where He wants you in the future.

RESPOND: Why do you think the "fighting men"-those able and ready for battle if necessary-were numbered specifically in each tribal family? Since ancient Israel was a patriarchal society (traced through male family lines and heads of household) what is significant about Ephraim's daughter, Sheerah in 7:24? What was significant about describing where families live and what land they owned? (See 1:1 note, subpoint 3.) What does this indicate about God's plans, provision and promises for His people, even though they may not always be faithful?

PRAY: Give God thanks for your home or place where you live and for the possessions you enjoy and through which you can honor Christ. Give God thanks for always providing for your needs.

ACT: Do a prayer walk around your neighborhood, school or workplace. You don't need to draw attention to yourself, but pray silently as you walk around the place. Pray for all the people, families and situations that surround you and that affect others in that particular place or setting. Ask God to give you influence with these people and to use you to lead them to Jesus.


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