May 30 - 1 Chronicles 5-6

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 1 Chronicles 5-6

THINK: How do most people measure success? What do they value and strive for, hoping to get ahead? Beauty, power, strength, status, fame-these things can bring attention, along with worldly wealth and influence. But while such things may impress people, they don't impress God or guarantee success so far as His purposes are concerned. People who attain worldly success tend to rely so much on their own achievements that they fail to even consider the source of true satisfaction and fulfillment-a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. You may or may not be blessed with exceptional beauty, wealth, power or influence, but don't let the desire for these things cloud your character or detract from your devotion to Jesus. The men of Manasseh had strength, fame and status (5:25), yet were unfaithful to God and lost it all. Learn from their example. Don't let worldly success rob you of eternal reward.

RESPOND: What does 5:1-3 reveal about God's plans and those He uses to fulfill them? When choosing individuals for a specific purpose, how do God's methods and perspective differ from people's? Why were the tribes of Reuben, Gad and Manasseh successful in battle (5:20)? What does it mean to cry out to God, and how does this relate to trusting Him? In what way were some of the "brave warriors, famous men, and heads of their families" mentioned in 5:25 unfaithful to God? What happened to them as a result (5:26)? What does this indicate about the difference between God's standards and values and the world's? What do events like these teach about obeying God? (See 5:25-26 note.) What's roles did "the sons of Levi" fill (See 6:1 note.) Although true worship has various forms and expressions, why is it important to worship God according to His design and instructions? (See 6:1 note.) What important roles does music play in worship and ministry? (See 6:32 note.) Just as the Levites were given towns throughout Israel, why is it important to give support to those who minister among us? How can we do this?

PRAY: Give thanks for the victories you'll experience as you learn to trust God more. Thank Him for not judging people by earthly strength or status, but by humility, trust and faithfulness to Him. Ask God to help you rely on His strength and ability-not your own-as you fulfill His plan for your life. Take time to worship God in your own words.

ACT: Is there any way in which you're knowingly disobeying God or not doing what He wants you to do? Ask God to forgive you and to help you obey. Then take some sort of immediate action to fulfill God's intention. Also, take time to worship God with music today-perhaps in your room, the shower, or as you're riding in the car.


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