May 26 - 2 Kings 20-22

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 2 Kings 20-22

THINK: What have you learned from your mistakes? What have you learned from others people's mistakes? Do you tend to fall into ruts of repeated mistakes, or do you change course to avoid past pitfalls? Many who claim to be their own person-choosing their own unique path-are often guilty of disregarding good examples and advice. Consequently, they go down the same roads of ruin and regret that others have traveled before them. That's the destiny of those who disregard God. Only by looking to God's Word-following His instructions, heeding His warnings, claiming His promises-can you see a clear path to your ultimate purpose and leave a legacy that honors God.

RESPOND: Why do you think the Lord told Hezekiah to prepare for death, but then gave him fifteen more years? Why do you think Hezekiah showed the Babylonian messengers all the treasures of the kingdom? Do you think this was wise? Why or why not (20:15-17)? What would the Babylonians eventually do to Judah? (See 20:17 note.) Why do you think Manasseh reinstituted all of the evil practices his father had abolished (21:4-6)? What condition had God given His people to remain in their land (21:28)? Why didn't they listen to God? (See 21:9 note.) Why do you think God allowed Manasseh to rule for so long? How was God testing the people through all of this? (See 21:19 note.) Whom did God use to warn the people? (See 21:10 note.) What would God do with Judah as a result of their rebellion, and why (21:12-15)? Why do children often make the same mistakes and commit the same sins as their parents (21:19-22)? How did Josiah renew the worship of God in Judah? (See 22:1 note.) How does Josiah inspire you? (See 22:3 note.) How did Josiah respond to God's law when he heard it? (See 22:13 note.) How did God respond to Josiah (22:18-20)? Why is Josiah a prime example of humility and surrender to God? (See 22:19 note.)

PRAY: Pray that you'll never return to the sins of your past and that you'll also avoid sins that have troubled family members before you. Ask God to help you always respond to His Word with humble obedience.

ACT: Send a message or do something practical to encourage your faithful spiritual leaders. If you are dabbling with a sin that's troubled you before, confess it to God and do something distinctly different than you've done in the past to avoid this situation, behavior or activity from now on.


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