May 25 - 2 Kings 18-19

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 2 Kings 18-19

THINK: What do you do when faced with formidable obstacles and fierce opposition? Do you retreat? Panic? Complain? Lash out? Lose it? Or do you bring your case to God, relying on Him to give you answers, provide peace, and fight your battles. You can do this if you've been faithful to Him. You may not always hear what you want or get the outcome you desire. But you can trust God to always do what's best and to bring ultimate victory.

RESPOND: How did King Hezekiah show faithfulness to God? (See 18:5 note.) How did Hezekiah stand out among all the kings of Judah (18:5-6)? What did Hezekiah do to instigate spiritual revival in Judah (18:4)? (See 18:5 note.) How did Hezekiah respond to the Assyrians who recently conquered Judah's sister nation of Israel? (See 18:7 note.) How did Sennacherib respond to Judah's rebellion? (See 18:13 note.) How did the Assyrians disregard and defy God (18:28-30,33-35)? (See 18:35 note.) How did God respond to this? How did Hezekiah respond to Assyrian threats, and why? (See 19:1 note.) How is Hezekiah's prayer a good example to all God's people when faced with trouble or opposition? (See 19:15 note.) What was Hezekiah's main concern through all of this, and what does that reveal about him? (See 19:19 note.) In response to Hezekiah's prayer, what did Isaiah prophesy about Assyrian King Sennacherib? Who would defend Jerusalem and why (19:34)? What happened to the Assyrians and their king? (See 19:35 note.) What was miraculous about Judah's rescue from the Assyrians? How does this encourage you?

PRAY: Pray that God will powerfully reveal himself to people you know who are currently defying Him. Pray for God's mercy on them, and that they will not find fulfillment apart from a relationship with Jesus. Pray that God will help you overcome any obstacle and defend you against any opposition you're currently facing.

ACT: Do something today that will bring honor or positive attention to Christ. Look for a way to do this through a situation in which you or someone you know faces a distinct obstacle or opposition. Perhaps you could help someone who is in trouble and let them know that you're praying for him or her.


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