May 22 - 2 Kings 10-12

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 2 Kings 10-12

THINK: Do you dream of doing big things for God? Do you feel that if you accomplished some a purpose your spiritual life would come together as you've imagined? While God may have big plans for you, it's not the extraordinary feats of faith that define or guarantee spiritual success. People may start with a flurry and do seemingly spectacular things for God, only to falter in the end because they took Him for granted, disregarded His Word and neglected time with Him. They never got to know the One they were supposedly serving. Ultimately, spiritual success isn't a matter of what you do for God, it's a matter of what you do in relationship with God-and what He does in and through you.

RESPOND: Why did Jehu write the first batch of letters regarding Ahab's family, and what was the end result? (See 10:1 note.) Why did Jehu leave no survivors of Ahab's family (10:10-11,17)? After Jehu killed the prophets of Baal and destroyed their temple, how was the ruined site used from then on (10:27)? In what way was the annihilation of Ahab's family and the Baal worshipers an act of mercy on God's part? (See 10:28 note.) Even though Jehu destroyed Baal worship in Israel, how did he still fail God (10:28-29)? Why did Jehu behave this way? (See 10:31 note.) What does this reveal about Jehu's motives for serving God? What did Athaliah attempt to do as queen of Judah, and why did her plans fail? (See 11:1 note.) Who was Jehoida, and how did he show faithfulness to God and his people? (See 11:4 note.) What was significant about Jehoida giving a copy of God's covenant to young Joash (11:12)? How did Jehoida instigate spiritual revival in Israel (11:17-21)? What was Joash's most significant accomplishment, and how did he fulfill it? What happened at the end of Joash's life, and why? (See 12:2 and 12:20 note.)

PRAY: Pray that you will never rest on your spiritual "successes" or get complacent in your devotion to Christ. Pray that your motives in serving God will never be insincere or self-serving.

ACT: Are you relying on past success in your relationship with God? Are your motives for being part of a particular ministry self-serving? Are you neglecting your personal relationship with Jesus because you feel your church involvement is enough for your spiritual well-being? If your answer to any of these is yes, ask God to forgive you. Rid your life of anything that's causing complacency or holding you back spiritually. Start living for Christ in the present.


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