May 18 - 2 Kings 1-3

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 2 Kings 1-3

THINK: Who do you hang out with? You can tell a lot about a person-who they are, what they're into, where they're headed-by looking at the people they spend time with. That doesn't mean all your friends must have spotless character, and it certainly doesn't mean that you shouldn't associate with people who don't know Jesus. But who really shares your life? Who do you look up to, open up to, and gain great inspiration from? Make sure there is at least one Elijah in your life-someone who sharpens you spiritually and challenges you to grow closer to God.

RESPOND: Why do you think Ahaziah wanted to consult false gods rather than the true God (1:1-3)? What does this say about the spiritual climate in Israel at the time? What was significant about what Elijah wore? (See 1:8 note.) Who were "the company of the prophets," and what was their connection to Elijah? (See 2:3 note.) Why do you think Elisha wouldn't let Elijah go from city to city without him (2:2,4,6)? What request did Elisha make before Elijah was taken from him? (See 2:9 note.) What does it mean that Elisha would have a "double portion" of Elijah's spirit? What did the way God took Elijah to heaven indicate about his life? (See 2:11-12 note.) What did the other prophets recognize about Elisha after Elijah was gone (2:15)? Why did the youths suffer such a terrifying consequence for taunting Elisha, and what message would this send the nation? (See 2:23 and 2:24 notes.) How is Joram an example of one who thought he was serving God, while still hanging on to sin (3:2-3)? What does 3:18 indicate about the nature of miracles? How did the miracle that provided water for the troops also bring a military victory (3:21-25)?

PRAY: Pray for people you know who look to sources other than God for guidance and hope. Give God thanks for the spiritual leaders He's placed in your life. Also, give thanks that no miracle is difficult for God.

ACT: Enter a mentoring relationship with a leader or older Christian from whom you can learn more about serving God, growing spiritually, making decisions and using your abilities to honor God. Ask if you can meet with him or her on a weekly basis to talk about such things. Also, examine and evaluate your possessions and wardrobe to ensure that none of these things conveys an arrogant, selfish or immodest impression that could hinder your witness for Christ.


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