May 14 - 1 Kings 15-17

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 1 Kings 15-17

THINK: How well do you trust God to take care of your needs? And does your level of trust change depending on the level of trouble surrounding you? Always keep in mind that where God guides He provides. Even when things look hopeless and you see no way out, it simply gives God a chance to do a miracle. The widow in this passage trusted God and was willing to exchange the certain for the uncertain-the seen for the unseen-what she had for what she didn't have. As a result, God honored her faith with supernatural blessings.

RESPOND: When the Bible says that a king's "heart was not fully devoted" to God, what sin does it typically imply? (See 15:3 note.) What made Asa a good king? (See 15:9 note.) In what way did Asa help bring spiritual revival to Judah (15:11-13)? (See 15:9 note.) Why do you think Israel's kings continued to defy God generation after generation? Whom did God raise up to challenge and warn people after they rejected God? (See 16:7 note.) Are such leaders needed today? Why or why not? In what ways did Ahab do more evil than any king before him (16:30-33)? (See 16:30 note.) In what ways do people trivialize sin today (16:31)? Who or what was Baal, and what did worshiping Baal involve? (See 16:30 note.) Who was Elijah, and what was his God-given mission? (See 17:1 first note.) In what ways is his life an example to Christ's followers today? (See 17:1 first note, subpoint 3.) Why would the lack of rain challenge people's belief in the false god Baal? (See 17:1 second note.) How did God supernaturally provide for Elijah through adversity? (See 17:4 and 17:7 note.) In what way did the widow show great faith, and how did that bring blessing? (See 17:15 note.) After she had been faithful to God, why do you think God allowed the widow's son to die (17:17-24)? (See 17:17 note.) What can you learn from the miracles in chapter 17? (See 17:22 note.)

PRAY: Pray that your heart will be fully devoted to God and that you'll never allow anything to take His place in your life. Ask God to give you faith like Elijah and the widow during tough times, and thank Him for provision in such times.

ACT: Have you in any way been hesitating or holding back in faith, waiting for some kind of sign or supply before giving God what He wants or doing what you know He wants you to do? Take a bold step of faith. Obey God and give Him His portion first. Then watch Him multiply what you have for His honor.


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