May 7 - 1 Kings 1

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 1 Kings 1

THINK: If your friends from church see you at school, do they recognize you? When you're with your family at home, do they see the same person that your leaders do at church? Of course, the people who know you recognize you physically wherever you are, but do people see the same person spiritually in every context of your life? And is what they see consistent with what you see in God's Word and in the character of Christ?

RESPOND: In what way did King David show restraint and character in his conduct toward Abishag (1:1-4)? How did Adonijah display pride and rebellion? Why do you think David "never interfered" (v. 6) or corrected his son in these matters? (See 1:6 note.) How did David's leadership as king compare with his leadership as a father, and how did this affect him throughout his life? (See 1:6 note.) In what way does David's life serve as both an example and a warning to families? (See article on Parents and Children, p. 1740 in the FBSE.) Why didn't Adonijah invite Nathan, Zadok, Beneniah or Solomon to his banquet? How do people who want power or influence often behave toward those who disagree with them, and why? Why did David appoint Solomon as the next king? What were "the horns of the altar" (v. 50), and why did Adonijah take hold of them? What did King Solomon's actions toward Adonijah reveal about the king's character?

PRAY: Ask God to help you demonstrate humility and mercy to those who may oppose you or give you trouble. Pray that your devotion to Jesus will be consistently evident in every aspect of your life.

ACT: Is your devotion to Jesus and your faithfulness to His Word consistent in every aspect of life-at home, church, school, work, etc.? If there is any area in which your attitudes, conversation and actions fall short and set a poor example for others, make the proper adjustment so that your influence becomes positive and Christ-honoring. Also, if you're avoiding, alienating or rejecting someone just because they challenge you or disagree with you, rethink your reasoning and conduct yourself in a way that reflects Christ's love and a willingness to learn from others.


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