April 21 - 1 Samuel 16-17

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: 1 Samuel 16-17

THINK: What's your viewpoint? How do you tend to look at people? Circumstances? Obstacles? It's all a matter of perspective. If you can learn to see things from God's vantage point, all of a sudden outward appearances matter little. Circumstances don't shake you. Obstacles become opportunities. Although David clearly saw Goliath's physical size, he didn't compare Goliath's strength to his own, but to God's. David was more concerned with God's honor than with his own fears or reputation. He knew that the battle was the Lord's, so his faith wasn't shaken by Goliath's threats. David's confidence wasn't in his own limited ability, but in God's matchless power.

RESPOND: How does God's view in selecting a leader differ from people's view (See 16:6-7 note)? Why did God choose David to be the next king? (See 16:12 note.) What happened when God's Spirit left Saul, and why? (See 16:14 note.) How did Saul bring this on himself? Why was Saul's entire army so intimidated by Goliath? What was David's main concern with Goliath, and what did this reveal about David's faith and character (17:26)? From past experiences, what had David learned about trusting God and God's ability to work through faithful people (17:34-37)? What did David know was more powerful and effective than any human weapon or strategy (17:45-47)? What key factors contributed to David's triumph over Goliath? (See 17:50 note.) How did David develop these traits and how can you? What can you learn from the account of David and Goliath?

PRAY: Pray that God helps you develop a heart, character and passion for God like David had. Ask God to give you a bold faith that doesn't back down from the giants you'll face in life. Pray that all you do will be for His glory.

ACT: Are you currently facing a giant? It could be a spiritual issue, a need, an obstacle, or a serious concern. Ask God how you can best honor Him in this situation. Step out in faith and do what God shows you, trusting Him for victory. Also, if you've made a premature judgment toward anyone at school, work or elsewhere based on outward appearances, ask God to forgive you. Make any necessary apologies and set things right with those involved.


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