April 11 - Judges 12-13

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Judges 12-13

THINK: Think for a moment about your God-given gifts-your talents, resources and opportunities. Do you take these things for granted? Or are you taking advantage of these things in a positive way by using them to the best of your ability to honor God and benefit others? If so, are you continuing to rely on God to help you develop and use His gifts just the way He intends? And if you're not putting these things to proper use, will you make it a point to pray for God's help and guidance so you can make the best of His blessings?

RESPOND: Why would people refuse to help others or join in a cause, but then get upset that they were left out after others achieved success (12:1-3)? Who were the Philistines and what problems did they pose for the Israelites? (See 13:1 note.) In what way was the Lord looking out for both the spiritual and physical well-being of the child that would be born to Manoah and his wife? (See 13:4 note.) How was a Nazirite to be devoted to God, and what example was he to set for people? (See 13:5 note and Numbers 6:2 note.) How did Manoah demonstrate wisdom and reliance on God by his prayer in 13:8? Why is it vital to look to God for help and guidance, even after He's given you a promise? How can prayer help you make the best of your God-given benefits and opportunities?

PRAY: Give God thanks for looking out for you spiritually, physically, emotionally and in every way. Pray for God's help and guidance in making the best of any opportunity He gives you.

ACT: Has God given you an opportunity that you have not yet seized? Has He given you a benefit or blessing which you have not yet used to bring honor and positive attention to Jesus? This could even include a talent or ability that you've not yet put to use to promote God's purposes. Trusting God, step out and seize the opportunity, take the action or find a way to use your God-given ability to honor Jesus and to benefit others.


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