February 24 - Leviticus 25

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Leviticus 25

THINK: Do you need a break? Could you use some time off? Then again, what would you do if you had it? Do you even know how to rest, relax and be refreshed? If we're not careful, it's easy to get so busy-so caught up in our own interests-that we leave little time for anyone or anything else. In some instances, we become so absorbed in our work that we refuse to let up until we've finished everything just the way we see fit. This can give us the mistaken impression that we're being diligent when, in reality, we're being delinquent so far as God's priorities are concerned. In fact, our busyness can not only show a lack of consideration for God, it can also show a lack of trust in God. Instead of trying to do everything yourself, give God a chance to take care of things His way. If you truly trust God-spending time with Him and using discretion with your schedule-He will help you do your best and still have time to refresh. In the process, you'll get everything done the way He wants it done-no more, and no less.

RESPOND: When the Israelites entered the promised land, why were they to give the land itself a "rest" from plowing and planting every seventh year (25:1-7)? What is the "Year of Jubilee," how often did it occur, and what happened during that time? (See 25:8-34 note.) What was the purpose of the Jubilee regulations? How would Israel have enough food with the land unplanted every seventh year (25:20-27)? What does this indicate about trusting and obeying God? Why were there restrictions on permanently selling land, and how was this to affect how they viewed the land? (See 25:23 note.) In what way does this principle apply to New Testament followers of Christ? How were God's people to respond to countrymen who became poor and unable to adequately support themselves (25:35-38)? Why did God have to set regulations concerning servitude and slavery? (See 25:44 note.) In what ways did God's laws regarding slavery actually protect foreigners who served the Israelites? (See note.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you trust Him more and to have the wisdom to keep your schedule in line with His priorities. Pray that you will work as efficiently as possible, trusting that as you spend time with Him, He will help you get done what needs to be done. Thank Him in advance for this help.

ACT: As you may have done yesterday, take time to rest and relax today-even if only for a few minutes. Listen for God's encouragement. Also, do something practical to help someone less fortunate. If possible, do it anonymously.


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