February 20 - Leviticus 17-18

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Leviticus 17–18

THINK: It's everywhere-in movies and magazines, on billboards and brochures. And it sells almost anything- from beer to burgers, from mouthwash to MP3 players. It hardly matters what the product is. Sex sells it. Advertisers know it, and the media and entertainment industry exploit it. You can hardly turn on the TV, watch a movie, listen to the radio, or even play a video game without being bombarded with sensual images and sexual innuendo. Studies have shown that every three to four minutes during prime-time network television, characters display sexual behavior or talk about sex. People are becoming so accustomed to sensual images that what they once considered indecent is now accepted entertainment-even among professing Christians.

RESPOND: Why did God establish laws requiring that sacrifices be brought to the Tent of Meeting (17:5,7-8)? What had the Israelites been doing prior to this time, and how did this show rebellion against God? (See 17:7 note.) Why did God have to establish detailed regulations regarding immoral sexual behavior? (See 18:3 note.) Why are God's people so easily tempted to accept and imitate the immoral practices of those around them? What does the term "sexual relations" imply, and what types of behavior are included? (See 18:6 note.) What specific kinds of sexual relations and behaviors does God forbid? (See article on Standards of Sexual Morality, p. 1833 in the FBSE.) Do you think these restrictions still apply? Why or why not? Why did God have to make a specific law banning child sacrifice? (See 18:21 note.) How could this principle apply to modern cultural? What is God's view toward homosexual sex and why? (See 18:22 note.) Why do some people think that this law no longer applies? What indications does Scripture give that God's standards have not changed in this regard? (See 18:22 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you guard your senses so you don't allow roots of sexual temptation to take hold in your mind. Ask Him to cleanse your mind of sexually provocative images that have come from things you've watched in the past. Ask Him to renew your mind as you spend daily time in His Word. Also, pray for people who are struggling with homosexual desires and tendencies. Ask God to open their minds and hearts to His truth and to help Christians they encounter to be gracious and compassionate so that Jesus' love-as well as His truth-is evident.

ACT: Use discipline and discretion to avoid behaviors, activities and situations that could set you up for a moral failure. Make a deliberate effort to avoid and turn away from sexually provocative images and situations. Don't take second glances. Ask God to help you continually develop this discipline in your life until it becomes second nature.


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