February 10 - Exodus 38-39

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Exodus 38-39

THINK: What kind of a worker are you? Do you do only what's asked of you, or do you tend to do more than expected? Do you do just enough to get by, or do you go above and beyond the call of duty? As a follower of Christ, you don't just work for yourself-or for your employers or leaders; You serve God. Everything you do at work, church, school or home can be an act of worship to the Lord. Whatever you do, do it to the best of your abilities, just as if you're doing it for God himself. In reality, you are. He's given you your abilities, opportunities and resources, and using these things as they were intended brings honor to Him. So strive for excellence in all you do, and give God the credit for a job well done. He will reward you accordingly.

RESPOND: How well does it seem that the people followed God's instructions regarding the tabernacle? Why did they work so diligently and precisely, and what example does this set for all of God's people as they endeavor to use their talents for Him and serve His purposes (cf. 39:32,42)? Why do you think they kept track of the amount of materials used for the construction of the tabernacle and its furnishings (38:21-31)? What are the benefits of this type of "accounting," and what example does this leave for Christian leadership today? What quality of work was done on the tabernacle and its furnishings, and how did Moses respond to the work and those who had completed it (39:42-43)? How should we respond to jobs well done? In what ways can we "bless" people who do quality work?

PRAY: Ask God to help you obey Him completely and to do all things with excellence to the best of your abilities.

ACT: Make a deliberate effort to do your absolute best at all you do, including your assignments at school, chores at home, tasks at work and ministries at church. Do these things in a way that brings honor to Jesus and sets a Christlike example for everyone with whom you work. Also, make every effort to use your material and financial resources responsibly, this includes taking good care of the things you own.


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