January 30 - Exodus 18-19

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Exodus 18-19

THINK: How do you take advice? Do you humbly listen, carefully evaluate and graciously respond? Or do you pretend to hear and arrogantly disregard input from others because you feel that you know better? Perhaps you are on the right track, but God wants you to seek wise advice (cf. Proverbs 12:15; 15:22). Through other trustworthy people, God can help you find fresh ideas, gain new perspectives and work more efficiently.

RESPOND: In what way did Moses' father-in-law celebrate with Moses, and in what way did he challenge him? How did Jethro's advice benefit Moses and all of Israel? (See 18:21 note.) How does Jethro's advice apply to leadership today? From what sources do you get advice, and how do you evaluate it? From whom do you seek advice and why? Judging from this passage, what are some qualifications for godly leadership? (See 18:21 note.) What was God preparing His people for at Mount Sinai? (See 19:1 note.) What did God promise regarding the people of Israel? What did God expect of the Israelites if He was going to recognize them as His people? (See 19:5 first note.) Why and how did Israel have a special relationship with God? (See 19:5 second note.) What does it mean that God's people then-and Jesus' followers today-are "a kingdom of priests and a holy nation"? (See 19:6 note.) Why did signs like a thick cloud, thunder, lightening, smoke and fire accompany God's presence? (See 19:16 note.)

PRAY: Pray for your pastors, spiritual leaders and mentors. Pray for the peace of Israel and for Jewish people to recognize Jesus as the Messiah-the Chosen One and the Savior of all who put their trust in Him.

ACT: Are you facing tough or significant decisions? Are you in leadership in your school, church or community? Seek advice from people you trust so you can gain different perspectives and acquire new insights regarding these issues. It may even confirm the path you're already on. Pray for guidance and judge the advice by the standard of the Word so you can make God-honoring decisions. If someone has already given you wise, godly advice, follow it.


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