January 28 - Exodus 15

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Exodus 15

THINK: Do you like to sing? Does anyone know that you sing? Perhaps your best musical expressions are reserved for the privacy of your own room, the car or the shower. But God doesn't want you to be reserved when it comes to following the instructions in His Word to praise God in song (Psalm 33:1; 47:6; Colossians 3:16) even if only in your heart (Ephesians 5:19). Few things can convey the depth of both thought and emotion better than a song. And music can inspire others to join you in worshiping God. You don't have to be a singer or songwriter to express sincere praise to God in your own words. Whether it's participation in a worship service, writing a personal poem, or simply making a joyful noise, take time-by yourself and with others-to sing praises to the Lord.

RESPOND: What can you learn from the response of Moses and the Israelites following their miraculous rescue through the sea? What specific traits and actions of God did the Israelites praise Him for in this song? (See 15:1-18 note.) In what ways is the Lord your strength and salvation? In what way is He a warrior? How has God demonstrated His power over your enemies? When has He led you through seemingly impossible circumstances? How has He demonstrated His unfailing love? In what ways and in what circumstances can you offer special praise to God? In what way is Moses' song prophetic, and what future events does it point to? (See 15:1- 18 note.) What promise did God make to the Israelites at Marah, and what did He expect of the people in order to receive the benefits of the promise? (See 15:26 note.) Do faithfulness and obedience to God guarantee good health or physical healing? Why or why not? (See 15:26 note and article on Divine Healing, p. 1286 in the FBSE.)

PRAY: Give thanks to God for the expression of music and how it helps you praise Him.

ACT: Take time by yourself today to sing praises to God-perhaps in a familiar song or in your own words. If you like to write, create a lyrical poem of praise. Whenever you are in a worship service, take full advantage of the opportunity to sing with all your heart, regardless of your musical skills.


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