March 6 Something no one else Wants

As a blackjack dealer in a Mississippi casino was dealing to a table of five players, one man was becoming more and more obnoxious, venting his anger and frustration with a loud voice.

After losing yet another hand, he threw his cards down, yelled at the dealer and stormed off.

Another player, looking mortified, covered her face with her hands in embarrassment.

"Ma’am,” said the dealer, attempting to diffuse the situation, “he’s just a little boy who never grew up.”

"Oh, I know,” she replied. “I’ve been married to the kid for 40 years!”1

The Bible says, “A fool vents all his feelings” (Proverbs 29:11).

"Feelings” means his mind, reason, anger, and passion.

He has an impetuous, unbridled temper that explodes in anger at the smallest provocation.

Literally, “his spirit, wind, or breath,” meaning, “A fool blows his top.”

Keep your temper! Nobody else wants it!

When under fire, how easy it is to give offending ones a piece of our minds, which results in our losing our peace of mind.”2 

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