December 28 - Revelation 21:1-27

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Revelation 21:1-27

THINK: Have you ever bought something and been pleased with it--until the "new and improved" version came out? Perhaps then you weren't satisfied until you got your hands on the new model. Or have you ever had something go wrong with a product while it was still under warranty? Although the manufacturer typically reserves the right to repair or replace the item, depending on the condition and problem, wouldn't you prefer a brand new one? Someday, when time as we know it comes to an end, God will make everything new. He won't simply refurbish, update or renovate the old. Instead, there will be a complete destruction of what was--earth, stars, galaxies, the entire cosmos--erasing all traces of sin and imperfection. Then God will replace it all with a new and transformed world where Christ will live forever with His people in complete and pure perfection.

RESPOND: What does John see at the beginning of this passage, and what drastic changes have taken place? (See 21:1 first note.) Why will everything be made new? What can we tell from the fact that the new earth will have no sea? (See 21:1 second note.) What comes down from heaven in this vision, and how is it described? (See 21:2 note.) In what way will God's relationship with His people be different in the new earth (v. 3)? What does it mean that God "will wipe every tear from their eyes"? (See 21:4 note.) What does it mean that Jesus will give drink without cost "to him who is thirsty"? (See 21:6 note.) Who inherits the benefits of the new earth, and what have they overcome? (See 21:7 note.) What kinds of people will have no part in this place, but instead end up in "the fiery lake of burning sulfur"? (See 21:8 note.) Why is this called "the second death" (v. 8)? Who or what is "the bride, the wife of the Lamb"? (See 21:9 note.) What do the walls, gates and foundations indicate about the New Jerusalem, and what do these things represent? (See 21:12-14 note.) How is the city laid out, and why do you think John's description is so unique (vv. 16-21)? (See 21:16 note.) Why is there no temple in the city? (See 21:22 note.) What purpose will the New Jerusalem serve? (See 21:24-26 note.) Why will there be no night there? (See 21:25 note.) What assurance do God's people have about what will never happen in the new Jerusalem or anywhere in the new heaven and earth (v. 27)?

PRAY: Give God thanks for the fact the someday, all things in earth and heaven will be made new, perfect and incorruptible, with no traces of sin, suffering or evil. Thank Him for the hope of living forever in His presence.

ACT: As you go through the day, notice the signs and effects of sin, corruption and imperfection--not just in people but in your surroundings and environment. If you have the opportunity, take a walk through your city and observe these same things. As you do, consider the drastic and unimaginable difference between what you see now and what will exist in the new heaven and earth. Make it your aim to live with God there and to influence as many others as possible to be there as well.


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