February 24 - Mark 6:30-56

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Mark 6:30-56

THINK: The Biblical account of Jesus' words and works makes it obvious that crowds of people from nearly every walk of life were desperate to see Jesus and to witness His miraculous power. But are people in most societies today this anxious to encounter Jesus and to experience His power? Consider the impression that many people have of Jesus and where they get that impression. Could it be that people are not seeing Jesus for who He really is because those who claim to follow Him are not letting His personality and power show in their lives? Might this have something to do with why we don't often see the miracles described in the Bible? Remember, Jesus hasn't changed. He still has compassion for people and still wants to help and heal in miraculous ways.

RESPOND: Why wouldn't the people give Jesus a break (vv. 30-33)? How did Jesus respond to the crowds, even though their presence was not convenient? (See 6:34 note.) What does this reveal about Jesus? What does it mean that the crowds "were like sheep without a shepherd (v. 34)"? When Jesus disciples commented on the crowds needing to eat, why do you think Jesus told the disciples, "You give them (the crowd) something to eat" (v. 36)? In what ways does Jesus involve His followers in His miracles? Why does He do this? What does the fact that they collected twelve baskets of leftovers show about Jesus' miracle-working power?

PRAY: Ask God to help you live in such a way that His compassion and power are evident in your life. Thank Him that His provision is always more than enough to meet the need.

ACT: Make a conscious effort to view those around you through Jesus' eyes of compassion. Understand that people are searching for significance, but they need someone to lead them to Jesus. Let everything you say and do today provide an accurate view of Jesus. If you've been praying that God would work in someone's life, do something specific to help that person. Your actions may be part of a miracle God wants to do for them.


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