February 20 - Mark 4:21-41

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Mark 4:21-41

THINK: Have you ever asked God to take you deeper spiritually or to help you understand more about Him and His purposes? Then ask yourself this question: What am I doing with what He has already shown me? Many times, Christians ask God to reveal more to them about His Word, yet they are not necessarily doing anything with what they already know. Most Christians know far more about God and His Word than they ever put into practice. So why should God keep showing us more if we are not fully utilizing what He has shown us already? Certainly, God will keep taking us deeper spiritually if we keep depending on Him and are determined to apply His Word to our lives in specific and practical ways.

RESPOND: Jesus says, "Consider carefully what you hear." He then goes on to say, "Whoever has will be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken from him." What does Jesus mean by this? (See 4:25 note.) Why is it so important to apply what God has already shown you from His Word? What are the dangers of not doing something and failing to grow spiritually with what we already know of the Word? What does the fact that Jesus was sleeping during the storm tell us about Him? (See 4:38 note.)

PRAY: Ask God to help you understand His Word as you read it and hear it taught. But more than that, ask Him to help you apply what He shows you so it makes a real difference in your life and causes you to grow spiritually.

ACT: Think of some things God has shown you recently from His Word, in your own study time or through preaching and teaching. Have you responded to these challenges and applied God's truths to your life? Perhaps He has been trying to get you to take action in a certain area for a while now. If there is anything that God has revealed to you that you have not yet worked into your life, take action today and do something practical with what you know, before you forget it or become hardened to it.


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