February 12 - Matthew 27:45-66

Fire Bible Student Edition - Fire Starter

READ: Matthew 27:45-66

THINK: As Jesus was dying on the cross, He endured more than the intense physical torture of crucifixion; He also experienced the spiritual anguish of an unimaginable sense of isolation from His Father. That is the ultimate consequence of sin in store for all people apart from Jesus. We cannot begin to comprehend the sense of abandonment that Jesus felt as He carried the full weight of guilt and punishment for every sin that has ever been committed or ever will be. Those who accept Jesus' sacrifice for themselves and surrender their lives to Him find forgiveness and eternal life through a personal relationship with God.

RESPOND: As Jesus was dying on the cross, why did He have such a strong sense of separation from His Father? (See 7:46 note.) How did our sin affect Jesus physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually? What's the significance of the temple curtain tearing in two at the precise moment of Jesus' death? (See 27:51 note.) What's the significance of some godly people being raised to life when Jesus died? (See 27:52 note.) What did the women's actions (vv. 55, 56, 61) indicate about their devotion to Jesus? What were the chief priests and Pharisees really worried about when they asked Pilate to secure Jesus' tomb?

PRAY: Express gratitude to Jesus because He died forsaken so that you would not have to be forsaken. Praise Him for restoring your relationship with God and for calling you to share His love and life with others. Pray for those you know who have not accepted Christ and are still living in a state of separation from God.

ACT: In light of the fact that Jesus gave His life to bring you to God, determine that you will devote your life to bringing others to God. Look for a way today to help someone you know grow in their understanding of God or in some way come closer to accepting Jesus for themselves.


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