November 30 - Come Find Me, Jesus!

By: Joanna Zeiner

Today's Scripture: Psalms 119:170-176 (NLT)

Central Thought: Let us always seek refuge in Jesus as He reaches out to us.

    Today is one of those days—too many irons in the fire, too little time to pray, too many voices calling me, too many hands reaching out for too much of me. I feel dried out and lonely.

    I make a fresh cup of coffee with real cream, turn off the phone, and wander into my office. Sinking into my chair, I look up to the picture that always brings me peace. It is a lamb cuddled snugly in the arms of Jesus. Its head nestles on Jesus' shoulder - much as my own children fell asleep on mine. Its eyes closed, its face serene—I dare say relieved—as if it had been lost and now was found. Jesus snuggles his cheek close to the lamb's head, eyes closed, arms round it in a protective, gentle embrace.

    When life overwhelms me, I find myself entering into this picture as if to say, 'I'm lost, Jesus. Please come find me!” Always, as I center on the symbolism of the picture, I regain my focus—I find peace. Today, however, I see something I've never noticed before. On the hand that embraces the lamb close to Jesus' heart, I see the marks of a nail print. And I weep.

Devotional Prayer: Oh Lord, I am that little lost lamb. I need to feel Your arms round me, embracing me into Your heart. I wander, but I do not forget where peace is found. Hold me, Lord Jesus, until I find myself resting in You once again.

Today's Bible Reading: Daniel 7:1-28; 1 John 1:1-10; Psalm 119:153-176; Proverbs 28:23-24