September 5 - The Sharing Christian

By Terra Hangen

Today's Scripture: Ecclesiastes 10:1–12:14

Central Thought: Is there a Christian in your life that you admire for their giving?

    In Ecclesiastes 11 we are urged to do acts of charity and to cast our bread upon the waters, with a promise that good will return to us when we share generously with others, and we are warned that any day could be our last, so don't delay.

    Are you one of those kind souls who quietly persist in acts of charity, expecting and wanting no fanfare of trumpets announcing what you do? If you look around at the members of any church, you are likely to find quite a large number of these caring folks.

    My mentor in church is one of those persistent angels. She began visiting a nursing home 25 years ago every Thursday afternoon, planning little events for the residents. At age 81 she continues her faithful ministry of good cheer, perhaps at a slower pace, but with the same spirit and happy effect on everyone at the home. She plays songs and people sing along—and off-key singing doesn't matter. She freely gives out hugs and Bible readings. She is the first to say that she feels love and appreciation wash over her and love running in both directions.

Devotional Prayer: Dear God, inspire me to take these words of Ecclesiastes to heart and to cast my bread upon the waters while I live, since the night comes all too soon.

Today's Bible Reading: Ecclesiastes 10:1-12:14; 2 Corinthians 8:1-15; Psalm :1-20; Proverbs 22:20-21