August 18 - Thank You, Lord

By Don Bailey

Today's Scripture: Psalm 35:28

Central Thought: We can rejoice in God's help and deliverance.

Stress! We can think of many things in life that will produce stress. Health concerns, financial hardships, relational breakups, and work pressures all produce an unhealthy level of anxiety. One major stress producer is intense opposition. At times we can feel we are alone and outnumbered. At such times we need to know God is on our side.

In today's reading, David lamented over all of the opposition he faced. His life and those of his loyal men were in constant danger. David prayed that God would deliver him from his enemies and vindicate his actions. He also prayed blessings on those who supported him that they would be able to rejoice in the Lord. David vowed to praise the Lord day and night for His goodness.

When we feel that we are at our own wit's ends, we can remember that God cares for us and for everything that happens to us. We can give Him all of our stresses and anxieties and trust Him to deliver us. God's love for us will help us rejoice in Him day and night.

Devotional Prayer: Thank You, Lord, for being good and reminding me that You will deliver me from my problems.

Today's Bible Reading: Esther 1:1-3:15; 1 Corinthians 11:17–34; Psalm 35:17–28; Proverbs 21:19–20