July 24 - The Danger of Victory

By Douglas W. Martin

Today's Devotion: The Danger of Victory

Today's Scripture: 2 Chronicles 12:1

Central Thought: What to do with success and victory.

    The last decade or so of American life has been a running commentary on our fascination with victory and success. All aspects of life have found a common dialogue at the intersection of success and victory, because one of the hardest things to do is follow up a victory with another one. Sports figures know this as they reach the apex of their goals and then fall upon hard times the next season. Businesses blossom and find success and then struggle as share value plummets. Church ministries boom and then struggle to stave off a bust.

    Rehoboam walked into the promise of God and began to establish his kingdom and fortify his defenses. Granted, it was a kingdom one-sixth the size that his father ruled over, but nevertheless, Judah and Benjamin were unified and assured of divine favor as the promises of God to David and Solomon were their inheritance. Once Rehoboam was established as the new king of the two tribes and his defensive positions were set, something critical happened. He and the people of the kingdom abandoned the law of God.

    Something happens at the intersection of success and victory that can derail the biggest train with the most momentum. There comes a sense of self-reliance and invincibility that destroys the humility necessary to bring about the victory, and an attitude begins to rule, which says, 'We can do this!” Ironically, the only means to the next victory and the next success is a humility just like the kind that got you to the first win–perhaps even deeper.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, only by Your grace and Your truth can we find ourselves at the intersection of success and victory. Only by continuing to trust You can we find our next win!

Today's Bible Reading: 2 Chronicles 11:1–13:22; Romans 8:22–39; Psalm 18:37–50; Proverbs 19:27–29