June 25 - The Power of Praise

By Mark Flattery

Today's Scripture: Acts 16:16-40

Central Thought: Focusing on the Lord will bring order to your life.

    How do you respond in moments of crisis—when you discover that you lack sufficient funds to pay your bills, when the children are fighting and there is dinner to cook, when you are in conflict with someone you love? Your first behavior might be to react negatively. You might get mad, react by attacking, or you might go the other way and become passive-aggressive. It seems as if the crisis moments in life knock us off our spiritual equilibrium and throw us into a tailspin.

    Paul and Silas were in such a moment. They were men of God who were doing the work of the Lord. Despite their efforts, they were jailed, stripped and beaten, and placed in stocks. If anyone had the right to cry out to God and demand justice, it was Paul and Silas. But, their response was amazing! They were 'praying and singing hymns to God.”

    Praise in the midst of crisis forces you to focus on the One who is most important: Jesus Christ. Praise reminds you of the One who is in control and who will bring justice: Jesus Christ. These are not the moments to doubt God; these are the moments to run to Him and to seek deliverance. When you face the inevitable difficulties of life, open your heart and seek His face.

Devotional Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to focus on You in the best and the worst of times. You are my help, my strength, and my salvation.

Today's Bible Reading: II Kings 8:1-9:13; Acts 16:16-40; Psalm 143:1-2; Proverbs 17:26.