May 21 - Basics For A Life Of Wisdom

By Barbara Lighthizer

Today's Scripture: Proverbs 15:24-26

Central Thought: A prideful attitude and godly wisdom are not compatible.

    In today's scripture the Lord describes several areas that lead to a life of wisdom. He tells us that the wise person's path leads to a good life and away from areas that could destroy. We may be wise in most aspects of our daily living, only to find wisdom is totally lacking in certain decisions we make. It's a challenge to keep all aspects of our lives on the right course.

    The Scripture also makes a contrast between the proud person and the widow. Arrogance never pleases the Lord; Scripture states He will bring judgment into the life of the prideful individual. The Lord protected the widow. The terms widow and orphan were used in the Bible to show how each needed protection and help. When we learn that without God we can do nothing, our prideful attitude will cease, and we'll be in the position of the widow and orphan.

    Our thought lives can be a daily challenge, but God shows us how to change our patterns of thinking. In Philippians 4:8, He brings to our attention the areas of life that should occupy our minds. If we compare what captures our minds with this Scripture, it will be evident what changes we need to make. Keeping our thought lives pleasing to the Lord will help us recognize when we become prideful. Following the Lord's instruction will enable us stay on the path of wisdom.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, teach me to be humble and to pattern my thought life according to Your Word.

Today's Bible Reading: I Samuel 29:1-31:13; John 11:54-12:19; Psalm 118:1-18; Proverbs 15:24-26.