May 9 - Just in Time

By Mark Flattery

Today's Scripture: John 6:1-21

Central Thought: God is never late and rarely early.

    A time-tested plot in books or TV shows is one in which there is a great tragedy or calamity about to occur, but just at the right moment a hero emerges and saves the day. This is actually a biblical plot, for time and again we read of how believers were trapped by life's circumstances and were in desperate need of divine intervention. Without fail, God arrived on time. His timing is perfect.

    The children of Israel in I Samuel were in desperate need of salvation from the Philistines. God revealed His power to the enemy. It would be some time before a king would be granted, but God was moving behind the scenes, preparing for victory.

    In John 6 we read of five thousand men, plus others, who came to see Jesus but grew hungry. There was no possible way to feed that many people, especially without long-term preparations. But when the situation seemed impossible, Jesus responded with the miracle of the five loaves and two fish.

    Maybe you are facing a calamity today. You have tried everything humanly possible but have come up empty. Release the predicament to Jesus. Let Him be your refuge. Let Him intervene and bring your miracle in His time.

Devotional Prayer: Dear Lord, please be my refuge and strength. I ask that You intervene in my situation as only You can.

Today's Bible Reading: I Samuel 5:1-7:17; John 6:1-21; Psalm 106:13-31; Proverbs 14:32-33