May 7 - Be Patient

By Mark Flattery

Today's Scripture: Proverbs 14:29

Central Thought: How important is patience in our work for God?

    There are times when we need God to move to fulfill our plans and our timetables. But God moves according to His will, and His timing is always perfect. We need to learn to move with God and to be patient. Proverbs 14:29 tells us that 'a patient man has great understanding” (NIV).

    'Year after year” Hannah endured the social stigma of being barren as well as the provocation from her rival. She faithfully visited the house of the Lord and trusted in Him despite her circumstance. God honored her patience and faithfulness and gave her a son who would lead His people. Her prayer of thanksgiving is a remarkable declaration of how God takes care of His children.

    The Children of Israel were in Egypt for 430 years. The major portion of that time they were enslaved by the Egyptians. But God heard their cries and delivered them to the Promised Land. God provided through their desert journey and gave them 'the lands of the nations.”

    The invalid at the Pool of Bethesda sought a miracle for thirty-eight years. Finally, Jesus visited him and healed him. God honored his patience by healing his body and bringing salvation to his soul.

    Do you need Jesus to intervene in your life? Be patient and remain faithful! Ask God to help you learn His lessons during the journey. When He arrives, you will then understand that He was in control the whole time.

Devotional Prayer: Dear Lord, please help me to remain patient and faithful in the midst of life's difficulties.

Today's Bible Reading: I Samuel 1:1-2:21; John 5:1-23; Psalm 105:37-45; Proverbs 14:28-29