April 23 - A Heart of Wisdom

By David Martz

Today's Scripture: Psalms 90:12

Central Thought: Wisdom is related to one's perspective on life.

    Many years ago I heard an Evangelical Presbyterian minister deliver a sermon entitled 'Young Man, Think Life Through.” Although I have heard thousands of sermons since this service, the minister's message continues to have a great impact on my life. It is amazing how a serious consideration of the brevity of life can deeply affect one's priorities.

    Today's text is taken from a prayer of Moses. Remember that Moses spent 40 years as a prince of Egypt, 40 years as a sheepherder, and 40 years as a servant of God who delivered the children of Israel from slavery. Moses learned wisdom, but it happened well after middle age. What if he had 'thought life through” as a boy or a young man? Unfortunately, many people will NEVER think life through; instead, they will pass from this life without leaving behind or taking with them a single spiritual contribution.

    In the islands of the South Pacific it is customary to present a gift to a tribal king or chief when meeting him formally. The gift, or gesture, is a sign of honor and respect that extends to the tribe. Likewise, in the kingdom of God, it would seem rude to come before Jesus Christ empty-handed. Today's text (see NASB) implies that we can present something to God: a life that pursued God's wisdom.

    Have you seriously thought your life through? How would you live if you knew the exact date and hour of your departure? What will you present to the Lord on the day you are brought into His throne room? Will you present Him with a heart of wisdom and the souls of men and women, or will you come before Him with an empty life filled with empty promises? God's wisdom can be yours if you seek and pursue it, and His eternal blessings will follow.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, help me to seriously think through my life and know what You desire to accomplish in and through me. I want to give You all of my life so I can present You with a heart and life filled with wisdom according to Your will. In Jesus' name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading: Judges 1:1-2:9; Luke 21:29-22:13; Psalms 90-91:16; Proverbs 13:24-25