April 22 - Are We Living in the Last days?

By David Martz

Today's Scripture: Luke 21:8

Central Thought: Learn the voice of Jesus Christ, and you will be able to recognize the voice of deception.

    Many Christians are perplexed by a lack of civility in the world and the growing influence of secularism on society. There is reason to be concerned, because the church—acting as an agency of the Holy Spirit—is a major reason the tide of lawlessness is being restrained. This also explains why so many people hate Christians—we are a reminder they will one day give an account to a Holy God. We also appeal to their consciences, which so many are willing to discard at the altar of relativism.

    Are we living in the last days? According to Peter (Acts 2:16-17), we have been living in the last days since the first Pentecost over 2,000 years ago. It is significant that the first concern of Jesus in Luke's account of the last days was that deceivers would come in the authority (name) of Jesus Christ and entice people to follow them. A basic strategy of the evil one is to erode the integrity of the church in order to establish his evil reign on earth. There is a great spiritual conflict over the souls of men and women, and we are called to stand in the gap to pray, witness, and model righteousness.

    Our eyes should be focused on Jesus Christ, and our hearts committed to following God's word. We should be tied into a fellowship of believers and remain on alert for teachings that could distract us from the centrality of Jesus Christ, the authority of Scripture, and the Great Commission. May we never forget who we are as believers and our mission to share the gospel with others.

Devotional Prayer: Lord, in the midst of so many world events, conflicts, and injustices, help me to keep my eyes upon You. Surround me with faithful believers who will encourage me to remain pure from the evils of this world so I will avoid compromising my values. In Jesus' name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading: Joshua 24:1-33; Luke 21:1-28; Psalm 89:38-52; Proverbs 13:20-23